Signature Blends

Qi has taken inspiration from ancient Chinese medicine to produce a range of delicious, functional blends using green, white, pu-ehr and oolong teas. Our digestif blend combines Oolong tea, with fennel, star anise and ginger for a soothing tea, ideal after meals.

The majority of people drink a ‘builders’ blend when they have black tea, usually adding milk and sugar to enjoy it. This is because most everyday black teas are from large leaf tea bushes which produce a strong and astringent cuppa so you need to add milk to make it palatable, (or it has to be a very quick dunk of the teabag if you want it without!) Qi black teas are different, they are prepared from the same bushes as our green teas – a small leaf variety of bush from southeast China, and the preparation is slow and gentle to maximise the natural interaction between amino acids and the theoflavins of the fresh leaf. Like a fine wine, we allow a period of maturity to enhance the colour, body and taste to produce golden black teas that are delicate and mellow enough to enjoy on their own without milk – perfect for anyone who is lactose intolerant!