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Qi Organic Afternoon Tea (short-dated)

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Product Details

This product has now been discontinued and our stock is now past it's Best Before Date - 09/04/23 (please note that the BBD is advisory and relates to quality rather than safety. If the tea is stored correctly, it can still be enjoyed well beyond its BBD with no reduction in quality)

Qi single-estate Organic Fairtrade Afternoon Tea is a smooth and delicate black tea. It has a smooth, mellow taste without the harshness normally associated with large-leaf black teas. The subtle delicacy of a fine black tea at its best. Research has shown that tea is better for you if taken without milk. Qi Teas has sourced the perfect, single estate black China tea you can drink without milk because it’s delicious by itself. Qi Organic Fairtrade Golden Black Teas are made using the small leaf variety of tea bush and do not have the astringency associated with the usual 'builders tea'.

Pack Size 25 Bags

  • Dairy Free - Yes
  • Gluten Free - Yes
  • Organic - Yes
  • Vegan - Yes
  • Wheat Free - Yes
  • Fairtrade - Yes

Small leaf black tea*F (100%)

Allow one teabag per cup, using water 80 - 100ºC. Leave to brew for 3-4 minutes. Enjoyed best without milk or sugar.

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