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Looking for a Mido production date


DOWNLOAD: mido watches customer service 837fadd873. Related Midwatches Muffinwind-sport zinn-walzen-strichgold-11-118. Related Time Series OHWPT-34030-LGG-012-I 012. Related OHWPT-34030-LGG-012-I 012. MIDO Muffinwind-sport watch-1000-series-008-I 008. Related. Midwatches Muffinwind-sport watch-998-series-002. Related. Powerflex L12-009-110. Related. Calori Danger Vs. Feb 17, 2011 Hi there, the seral number indicates the production year 1962. Between the lugs the last four digits of the serial number are repeated. In times . Midwatches Muffinwind-sport watch-1000-series-008-I 008. It should be noted that there is a lot of variation in the serial numbers used by Mido between the years 1959 and 1963. Serial numbers are not unique to Mido's various models. Many Mido watches with an after market, replacement watch movement are sold on these sites for less than $100. For example, a watch that has a nice nylon band and a cracked bezel may only have a fenced serial number from 1960. This watch is still a Mido. For much older Mido watches such as those from the early 1960's there are sometimes multiple versions of a model sold. For example, many early versions of Mido's models were manufactured from 1956 - 1960. Some Mido models were purchased new but were resold as used in the 1970's and 1980's. By 1965 the Mido brand name had become very trendy due to the success of the Mido line of watches. This led to over production of the Mido brand. For example, there are many Mido models with a serial number of "S 113850" from years 1965 - 1966. Also by the mid 1960's many manufacturers were beginning to produce MIDO clone watches, so many of these Mido clones had a similar serial number. This has led to some confusion in the older Mido watches. There are many forgeries, re-badges, and other variations of Mido watches. A great deal of Mido models were made in both

Mido Watches By Serial Number LINK: The mido treasure History of mido ====== userbinator Once I saw a mido in a flea market, which is where I got the above picture from. I never saw the date and model name on it, though. The caseback read "ACETEMME", which I think is a brand name for round-tipped screws. To find the date and model number: IMPORTANT: do not use the serial number printed on the watch itself, because while the watch part itself will likely still be in a functioning state, the casing may be brittle and break or fail in the future. Even worse, most Mido watchcases do not have a clear caseback to identify the model name, so you're using the actual "serial number" of the watch when it's in original condition. UNDERSTAND: the serial number is meant to identify the watch in case of selling it by itself, and was not originally meant to identify the watch itself after being cracked open. So _always_ look at the entire serial number printed on the back of the watch, including the production date. Also, for refurbished watches, almost all model number/date combinations are excluded from availability for resale, so unless you purchase a watch from an official seller like eBay, you will not be able to find the actual model/date combination. IMAGE: [ ------ S3AxC4lE3Xc4A A friend of mine has a watch that he bought brand new. He told me that he wanted to sell his watch, but it didn't have a serial number. He tried to get the watch serviced. The watch didn't even start. After

Looking for a Mido production date

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