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News from Yiannis Christodoulou

Some recent news from our talented Sponsored Triathlete Yiannis Christodoulou, our Qi Teas advocate!

" Hi Guys,

Just sending a quick message regarding my result from Thursday World Championships race as I am heading off again on Friday to Greece to compete in the Spestes triathlon.

The World Championships was tough, the river for the swim was cold and we had to swim up stream for 600m  which was tough before turning back round again which was easier. I came out the water a bit slower then normal because of this, but so did everyone else. I was hoping to be bit quicker in the swim. I then came in to transition around 13th place and had the 5th fastest time getting out of transition into the run. My run was perfect and I came back 7th in my Age Group and first Brit home. So overall very pleased and can't moan as I always gave it my all. 

As you may know, this was my last World Aquathlon Championships for GB as after this year I will concentrate on other sporting and life goals. The aim is to qualify for the Triathlon team. However I may come back in future years, but will see where this path leads me.

I have achieved more then I could ever of dreamed of since qualifying in 2016, 1x European Bronze, 3x top ten World Champs finishes and a National Championship title, team captain etc in Aquathlons and to represent GB in my AG at 4 World Championships. I am very confident about the Europeans and Nationals later this year.

Thanks for all your support,


NB. Please note the image credit is to a photographer at the World Championship event, Stage 7.

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