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Yiannis Christodoulou - Why I drink Qi Tea...

I am a big tea lover and its important to me to keep myself healthy and

in great physical condition, in fact it is essential when training to try and stick to healthy foods and drinks, I believe that looking after myself and my body will help me to perform the very best I can.

I first tried Qi Teas a little over a year ago and I can honestly say that I am fully converted!

Qi Teas are a fairly local company to my home in Canterbury, they have offices in Goudhurst in Kent, I am a fan of supporting local companies, not to mention I am a huge green tea drinker and lover, not just for the benefits to my health and training, but because I enjoy the taste and Qi Teas have a wide variety of blends to suit any tastes. Qi Teas provide ethical, sustainable, organic, natural and fair trade China teas which are just a perfect match for me.

Qi offer a wide variety of blends but my favourite tea has to be Qi Organic Green Tea Decaffeinated. I tend to steer away from teas with caffeine because it can disturb my sleep and lack of quality sleep and this can inhibit my ability to recover.

Like all the Qi Tea blends I have tried Qi Decaffeinated Green tea has a lovely clean taste that leaves pleasant notes on the pallet - and ABSOLUTELY NO HORRIBLE AFTER TASTE!! I have always enjoyed the earthy tones associated with green tea and the more natural the taste the better, Qi Teas do not disappoint!

Another big tick in my book about Qi Organic Green Tea Decaffeinated is that is has had the caffeine extracted without the use of chemicals and therefore maintaining the natural goodness of the tea leaves and not tainting the purity.

100% natural and therefore providing me with the many benefits of drinking green tea plus I always have piece of mind in the ethical practices ensured from farm to cup.

I am all for a healthier, more natural lifestyle, and I highly recommend this company and their teas.

Yiannis Christodoulou

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