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Why we should all be drinking Qi Organic Green Tea & Gingko

What is your default action when things get a bit rough (or a bit annoying, or a bit dull or any other feeling you could add here)?

Right, STOP, I’ll put the kettle on….. This is how it works in our office anyway.

Did you know that different blends of our Organic Natural Qi tea can be used to help with unwanted symptoms of stress, anxiety or lack of focus - Our ingredients are specially selected to compliment each other and our ethos follows the the ancient Chinese recognition that tea’s important pharmacological properties can energise the body and contribute to an overall feeling of well being.

It’s all about balance - Qi teas are inspired by the ancient teachings of the Chinese, who have for centuries used natural plants and herbs for healthy living and longevity.

They taught that Qi is the life-force - The natural energy of life.

Qi energy drives all aspects of our lives- the environment and community we live in, the food we eat, and the exercise we take.

Qi energy drives our thoughts and our mental well-being.

Qi energy is strong when all the aspects of our lives are well balanced and in harmony with each other across mind, body and soul – This is the inspiration for our teas.

For many of us an imbalance in one part of our body, or our energy, can cause everything to feel out of sync - this can worsen feelings of anxiety and stress and have a detrimental impact on both physical and mental health - which lets face is, is hard enough to maintain in our current situation!

While drinking the occasional cup of Qi when you fancy one is a great place to start, we see our blends being used more and more on an almost 100% Natural and Organic prescription basis to achieving better mental and physical well-being.

Our blends and ingredients have been specially selected and paired together to help maintain good Qi - a balance in the body which when maintained is said to help aid in all forms of health and well-being.

For example green tea, turmeric, fennel and ginseng are all said to aid in lessening anxiety and stress, especially when ingested on a regular basis over a period of time.

Green tea, ginger, fennel, liquorice and mint are all said to aid in digestion and stomach issues, the longer you drink the tea the more benefit you should feel.

With the addition of Matcha to some of our newer blends we have added a huge antioxidant boost and combined them with the top ingredients for longevity and health -

The shining star in present times and one of the key blends we are making sure we keep topped up on at the moment is Qi Organic Green Tea & Gingko, not only is ginkgo biloba known for fighting fatigue it is also well known and used in Chinese medicine to combat depression and anxiety.

Feeling fatigued and unable to focus? Qi Organic Green Tea, Ginseng & Matcha not only is full of antioxidants from the finest green tea and matcha it is said to strengthen the immune system, boost brain function, fight fatigue and help to regulate our blood sugar levels!

Matcha Green Tea Powder is said to aid in healthy weight loss, boost our energy levels and even rumoured to help our heart and liver health.

For more information on our ingredients and why we include them please read our blog Qi Ingredients and Why We Use them in our Blends

Stay Safe Tea Lovers and give yourself a boost with Qi Teas 100% Organic and Natural teas!

If you aren’t sure which blend is for you we have Sample Packs and Gift Sets all available via our online shop!

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