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What is Matcha?

Updated: Sep 2, 2018

What is Matcha?

Matcha and green tea are often called ‘super foods’. They both seem very similar and both are derived from green tea leaves…but both have very distinctive flavours, textures and preparation processes. Matcha is the champion of green teas; a super concentrated powder made from finely ground, shade-grown leaves and is vivid green in colour.  It's been used for centuries by Japanese monks to relax and meditate whilst remaining alert. 

Matcha is a highly concentrated powder form of green tea. It is said that you will get 10x the quantity of anti oxidants from a cup of matcha, than you do from a cup of green tea. The taste is known for being stronger, more earthy, yet still refreshing.

How to use Matcha Powder:

You can drink AND cook with matcha powder, as a flavouring or a boost of antioxidants …who doesn’t love a hidden healthy treat in a cake/hot chocolate etc. ? Due to its extremely fine texture, you only need a small amount added to any mix, smoothies, cakes, drinks or brownies etc…the vivid colour will follow through but a hint of matcha flavour is a delicious addition to many dishes. An ideal way to sneak some added anti oxidants into your family diets is to include it in a mineral rich smoothie for a breakfast boost!!

Much brighter in colour than a cup of green tea; this is because matcha contains highly concentrated chlorophyll, a powerful polyphenol. Many people talk of polyphenol and it is said to have unique antioxidants & anticancer benefits.

The whole leaf (the stalk, stem etc is removed in the process of making the matcha) being used in the grinding process of matcha, none of the nutrients in the leaves are lost through a teabag like with a traditional green tea bag.

Qi Organic Matcha Powder

Matcha powders increasing popularity has meant that we have now got our own brand of QI ORGANIC MATCHA GREEN TEA POWDER.

Our matcha is premium grade, from the finest Chinese plantations.

Try our matcha powder here;

There are some great recipes online using matcha powder. We have found some delicious ones here on BBC Goodfood ..

Matcha? Green tea? It’s all down to personal choice…we have jumped onto the matcha band wagon here at Qi Teas…and we are really enjoying the journey… Join us!

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