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The (Further) Rise of the Vegan Diet

Updated: Sep 6, 2018

Over the past three years people have become even more conscious of what is in their food and drink... and how this can effect and indeed benefit their bodies. Green living, clean eating, vegan diets are not only trendy but of course they are great for your conscience too!

With the visual nature of ‘post before you consume’ Instagram meals and the gorgeous pictures of ‘smashed avocado on gluten free, vegan sour dough with an organic green tea’ followed by the #vegan (which is, as I type at a whopping 52,083,415 posts on Insta) it is fast becoming a massive trend which is carrying us into 2018.

In addition, the rise of “Meat Free Monday” and other trends of similar ilk, showing us that even the most carnivorous of people, are testing the water. Part-time vegans aren’t just interested in animal welfare, it’s the health benefits too.

The latest addition was  “Veganuary” - Veganuary is a charity inspiring people to try vegan for January and throughout the rest of the year.

“Following a greener, cleaner, diet can be nothing but beneficial, surely? This is what we are told. Less additives, less GMO, more veg, increase in herbs and spices for their unique natural benefits, ‘detox’ and ‘revitalising’ tag words are everywhere”!

To find out more about this charity and what its aims are please visit the website >>

We want to know what is in our food, where it has come from, and THIS has also aided the increase in the ‘homemade’ foods... or imitation ‘homemade’ food which is quick, easy, and yet still additive free.

Supermarkets have seen a rise of 8% in meat free, Free From products. oat and nut milks are on the up, and dairy is on the decline! This really says something about how we are changing as a nation. Every time we look online we are shown various clips, videos, promoted links of products and foods that can and ‘will’ benefit our health.

Plant based proteins and spices that aid ‘get up and go’ are all over social media, does this mean we are all ready for more healthy and meat free diets for the future? Apparently so!

According to the Telegraph - veganism is on the rise... up by 360% the highest in ten years. britain-rises-by-360-in-10-years/

As we head into 2018, our brand QI Teas, which is already vegan, will become officially vegan certified. This means our products ‘officially’ contain no animal derivatives and its an easy way to help you see we are 100% vegan without having to read our ingredients list. Your peace of mind is important to us and as we move into 2018 our aim is to adapt ethically with our customers in mind.

We will print our products with the certified ‘Vegan’ logo. For more information please click here >>

As you know we recommend our teas to be brewed black, no milk required...but our Afternoon Tea is really quite delicious with almond milk...#triedandtested

IS there a connection between a healthy, vegan diet, and the incredible health claims? We at Qi Teas, don’t know, nor would we speculate.

I think we will stick with producing great tasting tea! #QiTeaOclock

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