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Tea Drinkers Live Longer? Can Qi help to extend your life??

There is a lot in the news this January about scientific proof that drinking tea can actually help to extend our life expectancies…

So, what is this all about? Is it true that drinking tea can lead to a longer life?

A recent article from The Telegraph states that “the research on 100,000 adults suggests that those who enjoyed a cuppa regularly lived for an average of a year and a half longer. Overall, scientists said that middle-aged people having at least three cups of tea a week could be expected to live 15 months longer. When a subgroup of participants were tracked in detail, it was found that regular tea drinkers had half the risk of fatal heart disease and strokes - and their risk of premature death was almost one third lower than those who never or seldom drank tea.”

This particular study took place in China where green tea is the preferred beverage, to be considered a habitual tea drinker those taking part would be drinking tea three or more times per week.

Although all tea comes from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant, green tea leaves are not fermented, they are withered and steamed which helps them to retain more of their antioxidant properties and make green tea the head of the line for drinking tea for your health.

Lead study author Dr Xinyan Wang, from the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences in Beijing, said: "Habitual tea consumption is associated with lower risks of cardiovascular disease and all-cause death. The favourable health effects are the most robust for green tea and for long-term habitual tea drinkers."

The science behind this theory is that the polyphenols found in tea are the magic behind its health benefits. These antioxidants, detoxify cell-damaging free radicals in the body. Tea has about eight to 10 times the polyphenols found in fruits and vegetables so drinking tea regularly can indeed provide our bodies with the tools necessary to prevent heart disease, strokes, cardiovascular diseases.

For more information on the studies related to tea drinking for a longer life please see below.

Studies have also shown that any tea can benefit our stress levels - Tea helps soothe stress and keep us relaxed. One British study found that people who drank black tea were able to de-stress faster than those who drank a fake tea substitute. The tea drinkers had lower levels of cortisol, a stress hormone - so its a winner all around and Qi Teas have none of the bitter aftertaste sometimes associated with green teas, now is the time to get on board and let us help you find your favourite brew for a longer life!

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