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Support Local This Christmas!

Christmas is rapidly approaching and it’s so important, now more than ever, that we turn our attention to the struggling independent, local businesses all around us.

Currently #supportlocalbusiness has been used in around 4.1 million posts on Instagram, however when looking on Social Media, it doesn’t appear to be enough, local small businesses are suffering due vastly to the impact Covid-19 has had on us all.

With this in mind we will be doing all of our Christmas shopping locally this year to boost those who have spent their lives building their independent businesses and who now face a truly uncertain future.

Today we run our small independent tea company from our office based in Goudhurst, Kent. Our ethos has its roots firmly planted in sustainability, organic ingredients and Fairtrade agreements, but we, like many wonder if this will be enough to get us through these uncertain times.

We work in a small intimate environment. Each one of our web orders is dispatched from our friendly little office just like many of the local businesses we see online and deal with on a daily basis.

We urge you to consider the smaller local businesses this year when purchasing gifts or purchasing anything at all really - If enough of us commit to shopping and supporting local we may all get through to the other side - whenever or whatever the other side looks like!

We have just added our Christmas gift selection to our web shop and we hope that tea lovers all around the local area will be blessed with them this year! You can view our shop here.

Stay safe Tea Lovers!

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