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Qi Tea for your Winter Moods!

The New Year has arrived and with it comes a fresh slate, a brand new start to another delicious year with Qi Teas

Lets be honest though, January can be a little stressful and mundane even if the sun is shining! Lots of us are promising ourselves that we will shift the few pounds we gained over the festive season with better diet and exercising efforts in combination with going back to our jobs and committing to start the year off as we mean to go on!

In the Qi teas office we are no exception to this unwritten January rule! There are no biscuits on the table in our meetings… plenty of delicious blends of green, white, black and oolong tea though making us experts in which tea is best for which mood!

With variety being the spice of life, making healthy choices this New Year doesn't have to be dull and flavourless! Follow our fool proof guide to a Winter Qi Tea for every mood…

Feeling Cold or Sick?

Try Qi Organic Green Tea & Ginger to warm you up on a chilly morning, afternoon or evening! Ginger is used for its warming properties and combined with our China Green Tea which is renowned for its smooth taste with none of the bitter aftertaste sometimes associated with green tea this makes for an unbeatable cuppa if you are feeling chilly or under the weather.

Alternatively Qi Organic Green Tea - Turmeric & Matcha also contains the warming goodness of ginger but with the extra power of Matcha Green Tea Powder and Turmeric which contains curcumin, a substance with powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties to give you a well needed boost when your feeling under the weather!

By far the most warming of our blends has got to be Qi Organic White & Spicy Tea With all the taste of Christmas and festivities this is, and always will be our favourite Winter Warmer!!

Feeling Tired?

Try Qi Organic Green Tea- Ginseng & Matcha not only does it contain a powerful Matcha antioxidant punch it also contains the finest Panax Ginseng which is believed to boost energy, lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels, reduce stress and promote relaxation and a good night sleep!

Alternatively you could try Qi Organic Green Tea & Ginseng for all the goodness of Panax Ginseng blended with our signature China Green Tea.

Remember Qi’s Top Tip for less caffeine if your warming up in the evening or are watching your caffeine intake!

Feeling Anxious?

Try Qi Organic Green Tea & Gingko this delicious blend of our signature China Green Tea and Ginkgo gives a soothing beverage with abundant tones of natural caramel.

Ginkgo’s anti-inflammatory effects give it the potential to treat depression and help with anxiety. It also has potential links to improving circulation and memory function. As well as the powerful antioxidant punch that does with all of our teas this one in particular is a delicious treat for all the senses!

You wont go wrong following our guide to Qi Teas for your Winter Moods! Stock up now and get through the winter in great shape!!

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