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Qi Iced Matcha Latte Recipe

Updated: Jul 25, 2019

Now this really is an extra special antioxidant boosting treat!!! You will need either a blender / smoothie maker or alternatively a cocktail shaker will work just as well - no one wants a lumpy latte so you will want to make sure the lumps are all smoothed out…

The key to a wonderful tasting Matcha Latte is simple - great quality Matcha Powder! We recommend Qi Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder this is our premium grade Matcha Powder, a super concentrated powder made from finely ground, shad-grown leaves which is vivid green in colour. It's been used for centuries by Japanese monks to relax and meditate whilst remaining alert and will make a deliciously refreshing and boosting Matcha Latte!

Although this recipe calls for a blender or a shaker it is well worth the effort as you can make a batch in advance and keep it in the fridge where it will last for a good 4-5 days providing your milk is fresh…

This recipe is super diverse, you can use any kind of milk you like! Cows milk, almond milk, soy milk, coconut milk, oat milk? Which ever you fancy will add its own flavour and level of creaminess to our Matcha Latte Recipe which is what makes it a solid winner for everyone!

Our recipe guidelines are based on one large Matcha Latte - To increase the volume just double, triple or quadruple the quantities depending on your preferences or blender size!

2tsp Qi Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder

12 fl oz of your milk of choice

You can add additional spices or syrups to flavour your latte - we love Agave Nectar or a little Honey to add a sweetness. Vanilla syrup or coconut flavouring also make tasty additions!

Other favourites include Cinnamon powder or a spoon full of ground Ginger or Turmeric for a spicy twist - What ever mood you are in you can make a delicious Qi Latte to compliment the day!

If you are using a shaker we suggest creating a paste with your Matcha Powder and a little milk to minimise lumps before adding the rest of the milk and an ice cube to shake shake shake!!

If you are using a blender there’s no need, just combine and blend away until smooth!

Once combined fill a tall glass with ice and pour over your delicious Qi Matcha Latte! Its as simple as that!

Store any left overs in a sealed container and it will last for days in the fridge…

Enjoy Tea Lovers!!

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