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New look, same Qi

SO! Our new site is up and running… We have had some fantastic feedback so far, thank you for that.

But why the change? We at Qi Teas UK feel that after four (nearly) five years, and the ever changing ways of technology, maybe it was time to develop a new look… A more ‘user friendly’ site. We love working with local experts, and thankfully our dedicated marketing team, The Qi Tea Girls (say hi to them on Insta here) knew of just the lady for the job... Jen Sinclair.

Jen Sinclair, founder of Jen Sinclair Designs, is a brilliant local branding expert. She has a great reputation for truly getting to know a brand and it’s products before diving in and taking the cup by the handle. An avid tea drinker herself, armed with copious boxes of Qi Tea to try, she went off with her brief and came back to us with the design you see now. Cleaner lines, complimentary colours and making the key information more obvious. The text on the site was rewritten by our copywriter Emily from FES Enterprises, and the combination of great minds and influences brought us to where we are now. Our new site includes our ethos, information about our Qi Community, a section on the benefits of the Qi Tea ingredients, and of course, our online shop!

At the Qi Tea HQ, the lovely Sarah has done a sterling job of getting the voucher codes processed for you to use (sign up to our newsletter here to be in the know about our monthly offers) and processing all of your orders!

Duncan is currently in new territory, visiting remote tea villages in Laos, where tea grows in the forest! Duncan is looking for exciting new teas to bring our discerning customers.

We love our new look, and we hope you do too!

With organic month in full swing, check back to see our weekly recipes coming very soon!

The Qi Teas Team x


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