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Matcha Vegan Iced Lollies!

Does anyone remember their mum cracking out the homemade iced lollies on a boiling hot, glorious day as a child playing in the garden?! We do! Those were the days! Usually consisting of some over diluted orange squash in our home, we always had time for these much LOVED treats!

These days things have moved on a little, with thousands of elaborate recipes for homemade iced lollies online we got a bit nostalgic in the office this week and made some of our own…

Keeping it simple, partly because we only had a limited amount of ingredients in the fridge and because no one wanted to go to the shop!

All you need for these froyo lollies is a set of those trusty old school iced lolly moulds, some vegan coconut yogurt, we used Oykos Dairy Free Creamy Coconut Greek Style, some maple syrup, and of course the all important ingredient, Qi Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder.

Something like these will work perfectly!

For 400g of yogurt (which should just about cover a set of six moulds) you will need a tablespoon of Matcha Green Tea Powder, two large tablespoons of maple syrup (golden syrup would work too if you don’t have maple handy) and 100ml of cold water.

First whisk the yogurt and the Matcha in a large bowl, it is best to use an electric whisk to eliminate lumps but giving it a good beat with a spoon or fork will get the job done too.

Next add your syrup and lastly the water, mix well before pouring into your six moulds. Leave enough space at the top to allow the mixture to expand as it freezes and pop them upright into the freezer for at least four hours before enjoying with five friends! YUM!

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