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Green Tea- good for your teeth?

Updated: Sep 6, 2018

Green Tea - Good for your teeth?

Well! One of our lovely customers sent us this link, and what a fascinating read it is! According to the NHS website green tea prevent tooth decay?!!

A small study from 2014 looked at how effective a green tea mouthwash was in preventing tooth decay compared with the more commonly used antibacterial mouthwash chlorhexidine. The results suggested they were equally effective, though green tea mouthwash has the added practical advantage of being cheaper. Well there you have it folks!

Due to the natural phytochemical presented in plants, this can offer a very effective alternative to synthetic mouthwashes. Plus it is so much cheaper. So how do you go about using green tea as a mouth wash? Follow these instructions belo


  • Get one of our delicious green tea bags

Brew the tea for at least two hours (we do ours in a Kilner jar overnight)

  • Brush teeth and then swill for two mins with cold green tea. OR Some customers have suggested trying mixing our matcha with toothpaste, or brewing matcha powder and repeating the above steps…we are yet to try that here at Qi Teas… but we will let you know when we do.

That’s it! It really is that simple.

In the study, the results talk on green tea significantly reducing Streptococcus mutans colony counts, and that green tea was equally as effective compared to traditional mouth washes, even those considered ‘gold standard’. WELL what more could you ask for?! There is more… Apparently green tea is especially helpful in preventing tooth decay by preventing the development of bactirial plaque. Green tea polyphenols work as anti-plaque agents by suppressing glucosyl transferase, which oral bacteria use to feed on sugar, it gets better! The study goes on to mention that ACTUALLY green tea has certain advantages over chlorhexidine mouth wahses: it does not stain; it has no lingering after taste, no bacterial resistance and causes no allergy. Moreover green tea is 5-6 times cost-effective, easy to prepare and can be used as home care product.

To read this study and to be as amazed as we were….click this link

Keep teeth healthy by purchasing our great, delicious tea here…Qi Teas, for mind, body and your mouth ;)

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