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Green Tea for Cold and Flu!

That time of the year is fast approaching… The sunshine is dissipating, the nights are drawing in and for many of us a cold, or worse, the dreaded flu is just around the corner!!

Fear not, our favourite hot beverage is to the rescue once again! We wouldn't recommend relying solely on green tea to get you through, but research into the compounds contained in this magical green liquid proves that in conjunction with lots of rest, healthy foods and balmy tissues you can beat the cold and flu blues quicker than expected!!

Thanks to the polyphenols, catechins and flavonoids found in green tea, which can not only help protect tissues from infection and boost immune response to infectious agents, but may also directly kill certain bacteria, viruses and fungi!!

Not to mention, green tea is full of amino acids that help to influence the brain’s chemistry at points of stress… Lets face it, with the fast paced lifestyles we lead being out of the game due to cold or flu can be extremely stressful.

Popping the kettle on and brewing your favourite Qi Tea can be not only a delicious remedy, but an effective one.

We have some tried and tested tips for using green tea to feel better when a cold or flu strikes…

Add local honey to your Qi brew - Honey has antibiotic properties, and working together with tea, can really help soothe a sore and itchy throat.

Add fresh sliced lemon to your Qi brew - As we know Vitamin C is widely considered a main player in the defence arsenal against winter illnesses… Lemon gives a great boost of Vitamin C and adds a whole new taste dimension to a hot cup of green tea!

Add both lemon and honey and you will be tripling the power of your cold kicking drink!! Or alternatively use our Qi Organic Green Tea and Lemon - Unlike other lemon teas which rely on artificial flavourings, uses only wholly natural organic ingredients. The result is a blended lemon tea which is particularly refreshing and with a wholly natural taste of lemon, plus 25 bags for £1.69 makes this possibly the cheapest cold or flu remedy on the market??

Alternatively substitute lemon green tea for Qi Organic Green Tea & Ginger - Ginger is a wonderful natural anti inflammatory and gives a lovely warming sensation. Comfort in a cup!

In an ideal world we will all avoid the dreaded achey bones and blocked noses but if you find yourself feeling less than tip top, pop the kettle on its #QiteaOclock!!!

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