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Detox Gently with Qi Teas

As much as we HATE to admit it… Summer is coming to its inevitable end. I don’t know about you tea lovers but our summer has been full of BBQ’s and booze with family and friends, trips to the beach with ice cream and the occasional donut! When the sun is shining and the kids are off school its much easier to let our healthy lifestyles slip a bit and indulge in things that might not be as healthy as we would normally choose. The first rule to any detox is to drink lots of clean water to flush the system through and begin to shift any toxins in your system. It is recommended that we all drink at least 2.7 ltrs of water a day.

Did you also know that drinking natural and organic Qi Tea can count towards this water intake and lets face it, will so many fruity combinations to chose from a nice cup of Qi makes a tasty difference to all that water! With this in mind we launched our Cleansing Bundle over the August Bank Holiday to take the stress and hassle out of giving your body a bit of a “spring clean” or a healthy and gentle detox which won’t leave you feeling low on energy… All of our specially selected teas are blended with organic ingredients designed to aid you in different aspects of your healthy lifestyle. We've carefully selected Qi blends with ingredients renowned for their cleansing properties.

The stresses of our fast busy lives, air pollution, excesses in sugars, fats, alcohol or tobacco can all contribute to overworked bodies and a loss of Qi energy. The liver and kidney are continuously at work to cleanse the system and this is where our Organic Detox Tea comes into play with natural dandelion root and milk thistle seeds to work together and in harmony with green tea’s diuretic properties to cleanse the system and restore its own natural balance and harmony. Green tea has no calories and typically has around a quarter the level of caffeine compared to coffee. Our Green Tea Plus is a fruity little number containing blueberry, cranberry, dandelion root, grape, hawthorn fruit and pomegranate bringing you a whole range of antioxidants acting together.

Antioxidants are nutrients found naturally in the body and in plants such as fruits and vegetables. We have also included our most delicate of teas, Qi Organic White Tea, we use only the very small leaves and bud, which are prepared and naturally dried in the sun creating a very light, gently sweet and delicate taste to compliment your healthy lifestyle.

If you are also planning on cutting down your caffeine intake try using our magic trick - caffeine is highly soluble, so when you prepare your cup of tea, pour just a small amount of hot water over the tea bag, swirl it around, then discard the water as caffeine will be one of the first compounds released. Re-brew with fresh water and you have a very low caffeine cuppa! Complimenting these specially selected Qi blends in our Cleansing Bundle is an exclusive Qi Teas mug and a Qi Teas travel tin containing other blends you may like to try.

Thats over 150 bags of specially selected and delicious Qi Tea, a gorgeous mug and a travel tin so you are never without your favourite brew for just £15 delivered straight to your door! Start your gentle and healthy detox now and get your Qi Teas Cleansing Bundle here!

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