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Beat Hay Fever with Natural Remedies

Updated: Sep 6, 2018

Here at Qi Teas we are all about the natural aspects of life and natural ways in which we can aid our bodies and sometimes even elevate the symptoms of troublesome conditions.

Hay fever is among the most troublesome and irritating of all the summer ailments! Whilst everyone else is waxing lyrical about the beautiful weather and gorgeous green grass the unfortunate have fever sufferer is peering from behind a pair of dark glasses looking for the tissues and the Piriton!

The NHS describes hay fever as ‘a common allergic condition that affects up to one in five people at some point in their life’, and comes about through an allergy to pollen, so it’s clear that not only is this condition tricky to avoid in the summer, it’s also incredibly common too!

Sometimes dealing with hay fever can be a never ending battle every time you make the decision to leave the confines of your house. Drs advise you to take the one a day anti histamine tablets… One a day is a bit of a joke! I have friends who take 15 a day and still cant see clearly through the streaming eyes and the sneezes!!

If you aren't a fan of popping pills to ease the stress of hay fever, the good news is there are some 100% natural remedies that you can give a go…

Natural and Local Honey

This one takes some preparation, first you must find a farm shop or local supplier of honey that is made by bees local to your area. This works best if you add the locally produced honey to your diet all year round… It works best accumulatively. Add it to your favourite Qi Blend for a naturally sweetened cuppa. It makes sense that if your surroundings are the cause of your symptoms, you use a product created within and by your surrounding area… This is the secret power of local honey which is said to be a natural remedy for hay fever because the bee pollen in honey can desensitise your body to other pollens.

Hot Peppers

Red peppers and chilli peppers contain an active component called capsaicin. When eaten, capsaicin opens nasal passages and helps reduce the congestion brought on by hay fever, making peppers a great natural hay fever remedy. Add to your daily diet, on salads or include them in homemade sauces etc. Red peppers and chilli peppers are natural decongestants.


Natures most potent bulb. Garlic has been know for years to help avoid the common cold but also because of its immune boosting powers garlic is also a decongestant and helps to alleviate the sniffling and sneezing associated with hay fever. It is also an anti-inflammatory and a good source of quercetin, a natural antihistamine.

Vitamin C

This is a no brainer, just make sure you eat plenty of fruit and vegetables. Organic fruit and veg are packed full of antioxidants and vitamin C. Some vegetables contain carotenoids which are natural antioxidants and will reduce inflammation in your airways and boost your immune system, double winner. Carrots are the best know carotenoids. Apricots, oranges, grapefruit, pumpkin, sweet potato and spinach are also good sources of vitamin C. You could also boost your immune system by taking a good quality vitamin C supplement.


Naturally occurring pigments in plants, also known as carotenoids act as powerful antioxidants to help reduce inflammation in your airways and improve your immune system, both great for the relief of hay fever. A good source of carotenoids can be found in colourful foods such as carrots, apricots, pumpkin, sweet potato and spinach natural remedies for hay fever can actually be pretty tasty! The more colour the more benefit!


Turmeric is said to be a powerful healer, used for centuries for to its anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and anti-oxidant properties. Its active ingredient is curcumin, which blocks mast cells from releasing histamine. It has the ability to remove excess mucous and reduce inflammation in the sinuses and respiratory tract. Turmeric can benefit sufferers of hay fever and allergies. Combined with Ginger which can strengthen the immune system and also act as a natural antihistamine you have a double whammy hay fever reliever! Qi Organic Green Tea with Turmeric and Matcha combines both Ginger and Turmeric and tastes absolutely delicious! A winner in our books!!!

One for luck - Onions…

Onion skins are also a good source of quercetin. Onions contain three times as much quercetin as kale and 10 times as much as broccoli and can be eaten throughout the day in a variety of meals, so they’re an added bonus and one of the easier hay fever remedies to try!!

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