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Our Teabags

Our current tea bags are made predominantly from unbleached abaca hemp fibre, however, there is a small percentage (15%) of thermoplastic filaments which are necessary to seal the bags and give wet strength to the tea bag which are heat-sealed. We would like to reassure customers that they are completely heat stable and free of Epichlorohydrin.


Our teabags are approved as part of our Organic licence (the string we use is Organic too), the paper we use is unbleached and the bags are free of staples. 

We are in the process of replacing the paper used in our teabags but want to ensure that the alternative we choose is the most sustainable option and doesn’t have other negative implications on the planet.  We are currently evaluating papers from different manufacturers which are eco-friendly, GMO free and made from 100% plant-based materials which are fully biodegradable. 

Once we have selected the most suitable for use with our current packing machines, we will use the replacement paper as soon as we can and will update our website accordingly.

As a company we strive to be as ethical and environmentally friendly as possible, our facility in China, based at the teagardens is run entirely on renewable energy from local hydro-electric power and we source the highest quality Organic ingredients locally to reduce the carbon impact on importing them from other countries.  

Our company was instrumental is setting up the first Fair Trade project in China and we trade directly with our Fairtrade farmers and in 2012 we were awarded a Social Responsibility award for our business model at the Cathay Pacific Business Awards.  We are joint 1st ethical tea brand on and our organic teas are awarded ‘Best-Buy’ status. 

Thank you for reading -The Qi Teas Team

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